Community Connect

As a local bank, we have a special responsibility to support the communities we serve, not just as a financial institution but as a neighbor.

Over the decades, Randolph Savings Bank has contributed to scores of charitable organizations, both financially and through donations of time, labor, and expertise. Volunteerism isn’t a job requirement, but it certainly seems to be a widespread trait among the team members we bring aboard.

Providing financial products and services may be what we do. But supporting our communities—by turning a tenant into a homeowner, by helping a new business flourish, and by assisting a nonprofit that’s handing out hope—is who we really are.

Randolph Acts of Kindness, National Doughnut Day 2015

Delivering some kindness in the form of doughnuts to our community on National Doughnut Day.

Randolph Acts of Kindness, Pizza Night, April 2015

Surprise! Your dinner is on us! We surprised patrons in Randolph and Stoughton by buying them dinner. We love #RandolphAOK!

Thank You Road Crews!, February 2015

We're so grateful for the hard work that's been done this winter to keep the roads and walkways cleared of snow! We stopped by to deliver coffee and doughnuts to the Department of Public Works. Thank you for all you do!

My Brother’s Keeper, December 2014

Our Randolph Savings Bank "elves" enjoyed the time spent wrapping holiday gifts at My Brother's Keeper.

Randolph Acts of Kindness, August 30, 2014

Saturday, the RSB team (Ryan Kirwin, Phil Carnevale, and Maria Teixeira - and some extra special younger helpers!) made a stop at the Stoughton Farmers Market to share some kindness and tasty ice cream sandwiches from Daddy's Dairy.

Randolph Acts of Kindness, August 29, 2014

Randolph Savings Bank teammates Laura Kelly, Tom Landers, Tom Foresta, Trish Parilla, and Melanie Connell headed to Stoughton on Friday to share a little kindness with the Stoughton Police and Fire Departments. 

Randolph Acts of Kindness, August 28, 2014

The spirit of giving starts at the top at RSB. CEO Jim McDonough, SVP Martie Dwyer, SVP Richard Olson, VP Mike Torrielli, and Branch Manager Grace Frias were committing Randolph Acts of Kindness by handing out scrumptious Daddy's Dairy ice-cream sandwiches on Thursday to the folks at Cobb Corner.

Randolph Acts of Kindness, August 27, 2014

Another day of sharing some kindness! Today Richard, Phil, Donna, and Carina stopped to deliver some kindness (in the form of tasty ice cream from Daddy's Dairy) to Randolph's Fire Department and Police Department and Holbrook's Fire Department and Police Department. After that? There was still ice cream left to share - so there was time for a quick stop at Holbrook Playground's Castle Canyon.

Randolph Acts of Kindness, August 26, 2014

Randolph Savings Bank employees Mike, Mary, Mary and Beth visited the Concert at the Gazebo on August 26 to share a little kindness in the form of delicious ice cream sandwiches from Daddy's Dairy.

Randolph Thanks the Community

Randolph Savings Bank employees take to the streets of Randolph to thank the community for voting us the #1 community bank, kicking off Randolph Acts of Kindness.